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Hear Our Voices, Inc. seeks to achieve a better education and life for disabled and special needs children and their families.  Join us and make your voice heard today.

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Hear Our Voices, Inc. is a Delaware non-profit, member corporation established for the benefit of disabled and special needs children.


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Efforts To Change The Law

Hear Our Voices is commencing its efforts in Virginia to change the laws for the disabled and special needs laws.  If successful, we plan to help parents in other states.  Our rationale for changing the laws in Virginia is set forth below.

Why We Fight

Public Education
Scandal In Virginia

We are currently drafting proposed legislation to profoundly change the laws governing the rights of children in Virginia under the Individuals with Disabilities and Education Act (IDEA).  We believe that the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and many of the public schools in Virginia have failed to adequately protect the civil and federal rights of disabled and special needs children and have failed to carry out their obligations under the IDEA.

Latest News

Parental Action

What We Do Now

Echoes In Eternity

– Marcus Aurelius

It is not what we say, but what we do, the actions that we take, that matters as individuals and parents.

We are currently drafting proposed legislation to incorporate the above changes to the Virginia laws.  We ask that all parents activate to lobby your state senators and assembly persons to propose, adopt and pass our proposed legislation.  

You can help by providing us your contact information and becoming a member of Hear Our Voices.  Contact us at the link under the above section “Membership.”

Take action today to change the lives tomorrow of our most vulnerable community.